Fencing and Gates

We have all your fencing needs covered. We are able to construct any type of fences from treated pine paling fences, picket fences, steel fences, colurbond fences, pool fencing, glass fencing, decorative fencing or any design that you would like to complete your home.
At Castle Landscape Construction we endeavour to ensure the highest standards are followed when constructing a fence. 
We use sand, gravel and cement (concrete) -  NOT a slurry mix which is dirt mixed with cement. Most fencing contractors will charge extra to use concrete.  
Fences are built by qualified tradesmen (builder and/or landscaper).
We are on the City of Greater Geelong preferred tradesmen list to complete share work with council and home owners.
All steel fences are custom made by Castle Landscape Construction using galvanised steel.
We offer 24 month warranty on all our fences
Our processes ensure we deliver the highest possible quality fences to you.
For standard treated pine paling fences;
  • Posts are in the ground 600mm with concrete.
  • Tops of Posts are bevelled to prevent water pooling
  • Posts are checked out 40mm (max) IE; 1/3 rule
  • 90mm Framing nails are used to build the frame and 50mm gal wire nails are used for palings 
  • Rails are 75x50 treated pine. Plinth are 150x25 treated pine
  • Posts (hardwood mixed species) are treated the bases with  a timber preseravtive to help prevent rot.
  • All steel fences are custom made by A & B Enterprises using galvanised steel
All colorbond products used are Lysaght blue scope steel products ( Australian Made).We do not use imported Colored Steel fence's as some other fencing companies use and advertise colorbond. 

Aluminium Slat Fence with Single Gate

Corten Panel Custom Made Front Fence

Cypress picket fence in Newtown

Aluminium Slat Fence with Automatic Motor

Custom made Punch Thru 3 rails fence with Spears

Farm fence



Capped Brush Panel Fence

Picket Fence with Exposed Post with Capitals

Custom made gates in Geelong

Merbau Slat Fence

Custom Made Front Fence

Exposed Post Front Detailed Fence

Shiplap Heritage Style Double Gates

Punch Thru rail fence on Bluestone look Versa Wall

Capped Picket Front Fence

Cypress Picket Fence & Double Gates with Automatic Motor

Versawall with Punch Thru Rail Fence

Merbau Slat Single Gate and Return

Aluminium Slat Sliding Fence with Solar Powered Automatic Motor

Heritage ship lap fence with capitals

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